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14th July, 2014

  • Detailed the Zantuli Wastes Region.

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  • Detailed the Tarangoni Jungles Region.

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  • Detailed the Shembu Scrub Region.

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  • Detailed the Blackscar Mountains Region.

6th July, 2014

  • Detailed the Andar Region.

The Lands of Kodo

The lands of Kodo refer to an area of the world where the human Akado have lived since before history was recorded. These dark-skinned humans are well adapted to the local subroptical climate and have outlived many civilizations. Many other races have come and gone or even settled in the region, but it remains Kodo. The wizard-using societies have made use of the name Kodo, but the region expands beyond this magocracy’s borders.

Kodo is a campaign of African-influenced adventuring, where tribal and family traditions run strong and adults are often measured upon their fertility, more so than their power. Kings that are known to be infertile are less-respected than those that wield little physical or magical might.

Most societies are self dependent, with only merchant caravans and Halfling river barges linking the various cultures and settlements. In this sense the setting fully embraces the 4E presumed ‘Points of Light’ flavour.

The current year is 797 KE (Kodo Empire). This calendar has been measured since the Kodo achieved victory over the Kosan orcs and established their own empire.


CNote: Kodo was our first 4E D&D campaign. I designed the setting randomly from my Realms Creation Sheets (which can be found attached to this GM Tools Page over at our central site, Connors Campaigns). The setting borrow heavily from Atlas Games' Nyambe: African Adventures by Chris Dolunt, one of my favourite settings books (and I remember using his early PDFs when they were available before the deal with Atlas Games). I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to include a little Africa in their fantasy. Several terms used throughout this setting, such as Kosan orcs, have come from this book.

The setting also references the Wizards of the Coast adventure The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde (David Noonan) and its central setting, the Valley of Obelisks. In fact, our first campaign was set in this 'ported' valley.

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