Crusade in the Name of the Overpower
To show it was again a force to be reckoned with, Kodo went to war with Andar. It was a crusade against the establishment of the standard pantheon, because the people of Kodo believed the Overpower to be the only true deity, whereas the Andarans believed in many deities and had spread their faith amongst the Akado. Andar won the war but at a great cost. From this time, it too realised it needed arcane defences, as up until now very few Andarans knew arcane magic.


High Mupata of the Blackscar Valleys
Adoso of Jolo crowns himself High Mupata of Blackscar and brings most of the valleys under his control. Upon his death (in 732) civil war erupted (and continues to today) with various times of having a high king and times without.


Fall of Nerath
The large human empire, far to the south of Kodo (and original home of the Andarans) is overthrown by hordes of orcs, goblins, demons, and – some say – a secret curse. Contact with the region of Kodo ceased. (R&C 18).


Floods and Restoration of the Magocracy (end of Kodo Dark Age)
Immense floods ravage the region and many settlements are destroyed. Once again floods provide the catalyst for the removal of the evil humanoids. The floods reduce the numbers of goblins and other invaders, allowing the people of Kodo to recover. Whilst not an all-encompassing nation, the Magocracy is reignited with the help of the newly arrived illumians. Its make up is more like a confederate of unified city-states.


Arrival of the Illumians
The first illumian cabals arrive and establish themselves in Kodo.


Goblin Hordes
Anarchy reigned in the lands of Kodo 540-680 (The Kodo Dark Age). After 70 years of infighting goblin hordes swept in from the south and united the brayhan tribes to help fight the humans. These two races have maintained a strong presence in the area since. Other smaller groups of humanoids also established territories both in and around Kodo during this time. The people in the Blackscar valleys formed their own feudal governments based upon the Andaran system.
Raising Elirhondas
The illumians begin their fabled city in the Shadowfell (RD 80).


Sack of the Library of the Sublime
Githyanki sack the illumian library in the Astral Sea. (RD 79).


Return of the Hobgoblins
Hobgoblins invade the two westernmost valleys of the Blackscar Mts from the north (modern day Mgini). In a final battle in the Valley of Obelisks the hero General Balfaso ‘The Betrayed’ led his warriors to victory but lost his life. Great barrows now mark the site in the west of the valley. (Dungeon 16, p38).


Dwarves Abandon Krokarr
Dwarves used to mine the hills of Krokarr alongside dragonborn, but this year the dwarves left the Valley of Obelisks and have been rare in those parts since. The reason they left is unknown.


Fall of the Kodo Empire and the Overpower (Beginning of the Kodo Dark Age)
Just like the arcane-power-mad tieflings before them the people of Kodo ruined their own empire as the internal feuding and battles brought down the last strong leaders of the realm.
Many people turned away from the Overpower and blamed it for the arcane disasters. The Overpower went into hiding deep in the woods. The people of the north adopted the pantheon of the Andarans over this time and its popularity quickly spread to all border areas and amongst the underclass (non-arcane wielders) of Kodo itself.


Taramuid Ascends
The first illumian becomes a god. (RD 78).


Illumian Cabals Scatter
The illumians, fearing their secrets will be discovered, scatter across the globe in cabals. (RD 78). They don’t reach the region of Kodo for almost another 200 years.


Ritual of Words Made Flesh
Tarmuid performs the ritual to form the first Illumians on a distant isle to the SE. (RD 78).


Kodo Decadence & Establishment of the Holy Realm of Andar
A sad time for the Magocracy of Kodo, as arcane lords began to show little constraint in the use of their magic. Internal feuds within Kodo allowed the Andarans to spread and form the basis of their kingdom with no opposition.


Arrival of the Andarans (and Steel)
The pale Andarans arrive by sea. Relations were not initially good with the locals, but due to sheer numbers arriving and their steel items, little could be done to stop the Andaran settlement. Kodo conceded the lands east of the Gola River. The practice of metal-working, especially in regards to heavy armor spreads amongst the Akado. The Akado of the Blackscar Valleys take more readily to the armoured Andarans, as the people there valued a warrior culture rather than the magic-focused culture of the south. Tribal elders are upset by the replacement of the sacred bronze weapons however.


Failed Rebellion in the North and Beginning of the Magocracy
The people of the north rise up against the arcane society seeking to overthrow the magical ideals and return the land to tribal lords. The rebellion fails miserably and only consolidates a more regimented hierarchy of government calling itself the Magocracy of Kodo.


Return of the Eladrin
The eladrin of the forests returned from hiding (most likely in the Feywild) and shared their arcane secrets with the Akado. Kodo is now a realm set upon the path of arcane mastery and its rulers from this time on have been users of this power source.


Beginning of the Kodo Empire (and Iron Age)
After the fall of the orcs, the humans now ruled their own lands. This was the beginning of the Kodo Empire. However, soon those in the north began working with iron – this was considered taboo by Akadoans and created a schism in the people. The people of the north were also not fond of the casual use of arcane magic, so moved further north over time as they became the minority. These were the first settlers of the Blackscar Mountains.

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