Recent History/Events

(Happenings within PC's lifetime).


(Campaign begins - War in Andar finished almost 1 year ago.)


Utuchekulu Invitation
Wahibreteni, Mansa of Utuchekulu-land, sent many emissaries to the people south of the mountains. They were seeking brave adventurers to help the utuchekulu fight the many enemies in the jungles and to help them reclaim their ancestral homes in the mountains. (AA 153).
War in Andar Ends
War in Andar finished with the Shoguns having taken control.


Shoguns Invaded Andar
Andar was ttacked from a force its weak king (Rechan IV) did not see coming. Soldier constructs (warforged) led by noble warriors (samurai) and supported by elemental-focused casters (shugenja) smashed the Andaran army and marched to its capital. King Rechan IV was captured and executed (not to the dismay of many subjects).


Kodo Looked West
Recent talk among the ruling Mages of Kodo suggested to expand west into the steppes and make farmers out of the Shombe (AA 151). Scouting parties were sent to infiltrate Shombe culture and test the viability of this idea.


Undead Risings
The Marak’ka dead began rising as mummies. Invitations for adventurers were issued by the JamIkadi to put an end to this.


Tasloi Migrations
After increased hunting raids by the utuchekulu, many tasloi abandoned their homes in the Tarangoni Jungle and moved into several northern forests on the other side of the Blackscar Mountains. The people there could do little and conceded some of their forest homes, but the tasloi remain persecuted if found outside of them.
Amazonia's Spirit
Rumours persisted that the ghost of Amazonia had been appearing before the jamIkadi of Shembu and was none too pleased with its current state. JamIkadi Nyathera had been sitting upon the ceremonial throne in court that is usually only used to swear in a new queen. She spoke of expanding the realm and bringing all inhabitants under her rule.
Tuslan Disappearances
Members of the Tuslan minority (in Shembu) began disappearing under mysterious circumstances. (This continues today). (AA Nibomay 149).
Heir of the Mgini?
JamIkadi Nyathera of Shembu claimed her recently born son was the heir to the Barony of Mgini (which includes the Valley of Obelisks). (From Bashar’ka - see AA p142).


Orc rebellion & Subjugation in Shembu
The orcs of Shembu rose up against the human rulers of their lands and this finished with similar results as in the Zantuli Wastes. The orcs here were also defeated and from now on regarded as citizens, but a definitive underclass.


Orcs Conceded to Centaurs in Zantuli Wastes
The recently banished centaurs quickly made the Zantuli Wastes their home and accepted the surrender of the major orcs tribes in their area. From this time the orcs are regarded as an underclass of the centaur tribes, further alienating the dwarves of the region from the centaurs (who they previously had little to do with anyway).


Kodo Increased Defenses Along Andar Border
Kodo established more towers and placed forces along its border with Andar, expecting trouble.


Centaurs Banished from Shembu
A feud erupted between the ruling Marak’ka jamIkadi of Shembu and the centaurs. (There had been good relations with the centaurs up until this point – especially with the underclass Tuslans of the land). Much to the disappointment of the Tuslans, the centaurs were banished from the JamIkadi’s lands.


Last of the High Mupatas
Wakumo of the Valley of the Frogs was assassinated in his sleep (and there has been no High Mupata to rule over Blackscar since).


Mounted Horde of the East
Horse-mounted raiders wreaked havoc throughout northeastern Andar and the kingdom could do little to stop them. Strangely the attacks just stopped after two years. (Bandits/Mongols joined the orientals?).


Weak Ruler of Andar - Rechan IV - Crowned King
Following the death of his father in the war against Kodo, the boastful King Rechan IV took the throne, thus ensuring that Andar did not recover from the war rapidly, as more money was spent on the nobles and military, rather than on arcane defenses, that most advisers stated was necessary.

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